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Activities bale bale traditional spa

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activities bale bale traditional spa

The Spa at The Bale - Nusa Dua: Beautiful Spa at The Bale! I spent a morning at the Spa in The Balé, where I had their traditional signature.
Every Monday | AM to AM at Lagoon Pool Bale This is a fascinating activity that introduces guests to the secrets of traditional Balinese cooking.
Baby Ballet is where babies come to ballet dance! Thursdays + Saturdays - Contact: Rachael Telephone: Read more. activities bale bale traditional spa
Our concierge is on hand to guide you through the endless opportunities to experience Bali and create itineraries to help you enjoy them in comfort. Zoomez pour voir les informations mises à jour. Hotels near Waterbom Bali. After the spa we decided to have a cool activities bale bale traditional spa in one of the resorts pools where you can have the pool side service. We are pleased to hear you had a relaxing time to unwind at our spa! Would this be a good cold day activity? Is this attraction free to the public?
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